Jinan Gaiyu Foreign Trade

 Add : No.5 Building, 3rd Zone
of Qinghou Area, Jinan, China
 Tel : 86-531-86405689
 Fax : 86-531-86981687
E-mail: sd-gaiyu
   [email protected]
About Us
  About us and Home:
  Jinan Gaiyu Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful spring city—Jinan in Shandong China. We specialize in professionally designing and manufacturing of pretty handicrafts like willow knitting and wooden products.
  All the products of our company are designed by professional people, who introject the intensive oriental classical tradition into the exquisite occidental modern culture and picture a esthetical feeling. As the materials of the products are straw, willow and wood, all of them are natural, friendly enviromental and will bring you a most comfortable enjoyment in your work and daily life. In addition, the products are popular with the international clients. They are exported to more than 50 states and areas in the world, including Japan, America, Russia and other occidental countries.
  As a provider, we stick to the principle of “ Quality the First” and adhere to the credit and honesty. After the establishment of our company, we have gotten many friends with people both at home and abroad.
  The following catalogue is just a part of our products. We could provide you any products on your special demand.
  The crew here warmly welcome your visit to both the company and the website. You are also welcomed to contact us by telephone.
  We will try our best to give you satisfied service.
  Add: No.5 Building, 3rd Zone of Qinghou Area, Jinan, China
  Tel: 86-531-86405689
  Fax: 86-531-86981687
  E-mail: sd-gaiyu
  [email protected][More……]
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